School Nurse

The GES School Nurse is a Registered Nurse, licensed by the state of New Hampshire, who advocates for children’s health in the educational setting. The goal of the health office is to provide a safe place for students to come for health and wellness needs while promoting the importance of students being present in the classroom and ready to learn.

The School Nurse monitors illness, maintains health records, provides individualized nursing services for students with disabilities and/or health conditions, and attends to illness and injuries that occur at school. The School Nurse is also responsible for implementing state laws regarding immunizations and physical examinations. Prior to a student starting school at GES, parents/guardians must provide documentation of all immunizations, as well as a physical examination from a healthcare provider within one year of the start of school.

Parents and guardians are welcome to contact the GES School Nurse, Alaina Slocomb with questions or concerns regarding their student’s health.


Phone: 603-547-3334