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We celebrated our 4th graders with a family performance of their play “Alice’s Adventures With Idioms!” and a farewell ceremony. It was a perfect evening to celebrate a successful year outdoors!

Water balloons, water table, water guns and sprayers! Kindergarten had a blast!

Kindergarten enjoyed blue skies, sunshine and warm temps for a fun filled WATER DAY!

Kindergarten enjoyed a fun filled water day in celebration of “W” day!

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June Tuesday
Special ~ Music
August Monday
Kindergarten Open House
5:30 pm

Greenfield Elementary School

Greenfield Elementary School provides a safe, collaborative community, which nurtures learning, teaching and a sense of belonging. Recognizing the different needs of students, we strive to develop and encourage lifelong learners. G.E.S. promotes strong family and community relations to instill responsibility, respect and citizenship.